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New and aspiring business owners at an SBDC small business workshop

Business workshop schedule

If you’re new to business, or would just like a refresher, our practical small business workshops can help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

Covering a range of key business topics, our workshops will provide you with essential information to help you start and run your own business.

If you’re a new or soon-to-be business owner, we recommend starting with our free ‘Starting a Business’ workshop.

Small business workshop schedule

Starting a Business (free) 

Dates in Perth CBD: 25 February and 3, 7 and 10 March 2020
Scarborough: 12 March 2020

If you are thinking about starting a business, but don't know where to begin, this workshop will take you through the essentials - from initial assessment and looking at your suitability to run a business, to financing your idea, and identifying sales opportunities. You’ll also receive lots of hints and tips on where to find more detailed information and advice on how to start a business.

How to Start Marketing with Instagram

Date: 24 February 2020
Location: Balcatta

This workshop will help you, even if you don't already have an Instagram account, to learn how to create a great looking account, what to post when you are first starting, plus loads of ideas (with no scary selfies). You will also learn the importance of hashtags and how to gain more followers.

How to Advertise with Facebook

Date: 25 February 2020
Location: Balcatta

Are you ready to take the next step on social media and start advertising on Facebook? This workshop will teach you about the range of advertising options available on Facebook and how to create successful ads to promote and grow your business.

Social Media Photography

Date: 25 February 2020
Location: East Victoria Park

Social media photography doesn't have to be complicated or use expensive equipment. This workshop explains tips and tricks for improving your photography skills to bring your social media pages to life.

Using MailChimp for Email Marketing

Date: 25 and 27 February 2020
Location: Gosnells and Rockingham

This interactive workshop will introduce you to email marketing campaigns and automated processes to make growing your business easier. It will assist you to be compliant with Australian legislation when communicating by email and help you identify practical ways you can grow your client list using MailChimp.

Developing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Date: 26 February 2020
Location: Fremantle

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge, skills, experience and a blueprint you can easily replicate to create highly targeted, successful digital marketing campaigns.

Please note: This workshop is delivered over three sessions across three weeks (26 February, 4 March and 11 March). Your registration covers all three sessions.

SEO Essentials

Date: 26 February 2020
Location: Balcatta

Is your website generating enough leads? This workshop will teach you tips and tricks to help you get found online and rank well on Google. You will also receive a framework and the tools you need to optimise your own website.

Small Business Health Check

Date: 26 February 2020
Location: Melville

This interactive session allows business owners to take a step back from working in their business to spend some valuable time working on their business. The focus will be on reviewing and improving various key business areas which are vital to the ongoing success of a small business. This workshop includes a complimentary one hour follow-up telephone call or meeting to assist in the implementation of your learnings.

Using Apps in your Business - webinar

Date: 26 February 2020
Location: Online

With customers increasingly look online for products and services, it's essential for businesses to adapt to consumer demands. Apps can be used to interact with customers and enhance their online experience, through chatbots and automated bookings for example. They can also be used to help your business run more efficiently.

Start Marketing with Social Media

Date: 26 February and 12 March 2020
Location: Floreat and Rockingham

With so many options it can be difficult to determine which social media platforms will work best for your business and target audience. This workshop explores how to choose the right platforms, focusing specifically on Facebook for Business, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. It also explores how to create a cohesive online brand identity for your business.

Digital Marketing Essentials 

Dates: 27 February, 11 and 24 March and 8 and 29 April 2020
Location: Perth CBD

Examines a range of digital marketing options, including social media, email marketing and blogging, to help you understand which platforms would work best for your business.

How to Start an Online Business

Date: 27 February 2020
Location: Wanneroo

Selling online is one of the largest growth areas for small business, particularly as the barriers to starting are very low. This workshop will help you to identify what your customers are looking for when buying online, provide key insights into e-commerce fundamentals and which online platforms work best.

Creating an Online Shop

Date: 27 February and 19 March 2020
Location: Melville and Mount Lawley

This workshop explains the steps required to set up an online shop, such as licences and software required, web design and development, monitoring sales and search engine optimisation, as well as financial accounting.

Digital Tools to Boost Productivity

Date: 28 February 2020
Location: Cockburn

In a the rapidly developing online environment it can be hard to know what's available and where to start. This workshop takes you through some of the many easily accessible, free digital tools on offer, and the potential benefits (and challenges) they could offer your business.

Discovering your Entrepreneurial Skills

Date: 3 March 2020
Location: Victoria Park

This half day session looks at the skills and attributes that will have the biggest impact on your business success. While it's important to understand your competition, it's equally important to understand yourself and to focus on the skills required for success.

Managing your Cash Flow

Date: 4 and 16 March 2020
Location: Armadale and Subiaco

This interactive session provides a practical explanation of cash flow management and planning. You will also learn about the methods and software available to help you manage your cash flow and a range of other important issues related to managing your finances.

Understanding Business Financials

Date: 4, 17 and 31 March 2020
Location: Perth CBD

This straight forward workshop will help you understand key financial information so you can gauge how your business is performing, make financial decisions and spot problems before they get out of hand.

Essential Health and Safety Obligations

Date: 4 March 2020
Location: Kwinana

As a business owner you are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for your customers, employees, contractors and suppliers. Fortunately there are tools available to assist you in meeting your legal obligations.

Google Tools for Business

Date: 4 and 5 March 2020
Location: Kelmscott and Middle Swan

Discover how using Google tools can help get your business up and running fast, and simplify day to day work, while keeping your running costs low.

Cash Flow is King

Date: 5 March 2020 
Location: Melville

This practical, hands-on session explains the essential skills needed to help you make better strategic and financial decisions in your business. You will explore the cause and effect relationships that govern a business’s financial statements, learn basic business finance language and the logic of how a business works.

Understanding Bookkeeping and Records

Date: 5 March 2020
Location: Morley

If you are new to business, or not trained in basic bookkeeping skills, record keeping can be overwhelming. With proper bookkeeping systems you will be able to generate essential business reports to help you make better financial decisions and provide greater clarity as to how your business is tracking.

Creating Graphics with Canva

Date: 5 and 16 March 2020
Location: Joondalup and Armadale

Canva offers free, simple to use tools to create professional and consistent looking graphics and images to help make your business really stand out. Bring your laptop to start designing eye-catching graphics for social media, proposals, web banners, flyers, memes, product promotions, infographics, gift vouchers, menus, invitations, business cards and more.

Digital Marketing Advanced

Dates: 7 March and 9 April 2020
Location: Perth CBD

The perfect workshop if you’re interested in reaching your customers online using paid search engine marketing (SEM), improving your search engine optimisation (SEO) and understanding real-time data analytics. To help you understand what could really work for your business, this session also examines a range of digital marketing strategies, including using Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords).

Please note: Digital Marketing Advanced is an intermediate workshop designed for small business owners who have attended our Digital Marketing Essentials workshop and/or already have a good working knowledge of digital marketing tools.

Marketing your Business 

Date: 7 and 12 March, 9 and 29 April 2020
Location: Perth CBD

This workshop will show you how to understand your customers, stretch your marketing budget and make sure your business is noticed by the people who need what you have to offer.

Website Planning

Date: 10 March and 4 April 2020
Location: Perth CBD

Explains the main concepts you need to understand before you design and build a website yourself or sign a contract with a professional web developer. In addition to a resource book, you'll also receive a 'Build a Website' booklet that you can use as either the foundation of your new website build or as a brief to a professional developer.

Managing and Motivating Staff

Date: 10 March and 4 April 2020
Location: Victoria Park

This workshop will provide an insight into getting the best from your people, including step-by-step guidance to ensure your workplace allows people to flourish and do their best work. The session also offers all the information you need on how to align employees with your business goals.

Winning Ways to Connect with Customers

Date: 11 March 2020
Location: Balcatta

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to improve your ability to engage with your customers through effective communications skills. You will leave with an actionable one-page sales plan to help you be more successful in selling - and enjoy it!

An Introduction to Budgeting

Date: 11 March 2020
Location: Currambine

This workshop will provide you with the key steps to start preparing your own business budget and how to use it to make informed decisions to move your business forward. You will also receive a one hour post-workshop follow up to help you implement your budgeting skills.

How to Write a Business Plan 

Dates: 12 March, 4 and 7 April 2020
Location: Perth CBD

This workshop will guide you through developing a business plan and demonstrate why proper planning is an essential tool for any small business operator.

Controlling your Brand on Social Media

Dates: 12 March 2020
Location: Riverton

Some business's feel they lag behind in knowing how to effectively manage their social media presence, specifically, how to ‘control’ content about their brand which is generated by their staff, contractors, subcontractors and other stakeholders. This workshop will give them an insight into effective management of their brands, specifically from marketing, public relations, human resources and legal perspectives.

Boost your Negotiation Skills

Dates: 13 March 2020
Location: Perth CBD

Whether you are settling a contract with a supplier, the price of a car with a dealership, or trying to get the best from your staff, the strength of your negotiation skills directly influence results. This workshop looks at how you can use a win-win collaborative approach to negotiation to produce better outcomes for yourself and your business.

Personal Wellness for Business Owners

Dates: 13 March 2020
Location: Perth CBD

Business owners wear many hats to try to do it all, particularly in the early years. All too often self-care can be neglected. Establishing and prioritising a wellness routine for yourself is essential to achieve long term business success.

Complying with Safety Legislation

Dates: 17 March 2020
Location: Wanneroo

A safe workplace has many benefits. This includes reducing accidents, meeting legal and contractual obligations, and avoiding business disruptions and potential fines. This workshop will help you understand and better manage safety and health matters within your business.

Growing your Business

Dates: 17 March 2020
Location: Inglewood

Growth is a key goal for many small business owners. This workshop breaks down what makes a business successful and looks at the practical steps you can take to track and plan for growth and greater success.

How to Start Marketing with Facebook

Dates: 27 March 2020
Location: Gosnells

A Facebook business page is one of the best ways to connect and communicate with your customers and build a strong following. Facebook marketing can help to bring a personal touch to your business and enable you to develop your own community. It is an essential component of your social media marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website.

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